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1 Opportunity to Many Companies

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1 Opportunity to Many Companies



I have 1 sales opportunity that many companies can be eligible to participate. This sales opportunity would be to buy product x and receive a rebate.


Should I create 1 opportunity with many companies?


Or repeat the opportunity over and over for each participating company.


Choice one seems to limit how I can track results.


And choice two seems incredibly redundant.



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Re: 1 Opportunity to Many Companies

I may be assuming too much, but I think you are creating opportunities too early in the process.  We don' t usually make an opportunity until there are 1) definite interest, 2) definite ability to purchase 3) the correct decision maker is identified and part of the process.


So, limiting the number of contacts you make opportunities for might help you with the overload and allow you to select option 1.    I would track contacts that are likely candidates and yet don't meet the critera for an opportunity at the contact level until they do meet your criteria.


It also has to do with the accuracy of your forcast.  Creating an opportunity too early before a contat is qualified creates extra work for you in tracking and doesnt' really yield additional benefit.


I would not choose option 2 unless only one company can realize the reward or rebate or unless all the contacts have to claim at the same time.


Again, I"ve made several assumptions, but I hope this helps.

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Re: 1 Opportunity to Many Companies

Thanks for the input.


The Companies in this case are active customers. So the interest and ability is satisfied.


In fact I am modelling off of a program that was already run and has results (that were tracked in Excel). A number of comapnies purchased units, and received a rebate.


We are new to ACT and so far have used it as a means to clean up bad data from two different systems. We have done some nice things programming against it as well.


But, now sales wants to know "how does ACT benefit them".


And in my mind utilizing Opportunites is the next step. But I am struggling with the how part.



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Re: 1 Opportunity to Many Companies

You have a situation where there isn't any real easy solution. I would describe it a many-to-many. The single opportunity solution won't work if you need independent tracking of the opportunity. That leave the multiple opportunity solution even though it seems redundant. There is a free plug-in here that will help.

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