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Zapier & Editing Existing Contact

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Re: Zapier & Editing Existing Contact



What you are trying to achieve can be done today in Zapier:


1.  Create a history as the action step

2.  For the history's contact, create a search step (find or create contact)


This will create a history on the found contact, or alternatively create the contact if it's not found.

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Re: Zapier & Editing Existing Contact

Thanks for the response, I can confirm that this does indeed work but continues to have it's limitations using the "primary email address" as the sole searching function. As stated in the earlier posts, having alternative fields in ACT to search will be an extremely powerful tool for ACT! users.


Do you know of a way for ACT/Zapier to see if there are any duplicate email entries before making the "new history" entry? Also, in the event that there are more than one matching primary email addresses, will it make the "new history" entry on the first found contact record or both?


Finally, please can you let me know about the closed beta testing - I am interested to be involved with this.



Posts: 236
Country: USA

Re: Zapier & Editing Existing Contact

Agreed having different and multiple search fields will be useful.  This is on the roadmap.


The only way you can tell if there are duplicate entries would be to do a lookup in Act!.  You can "test" in Zapier, but that will actually do the step, meaning create a contact if not found and generate the history.


I believe the history will be attached to first found if there's multiple contacts with the same work email.  


I can invite you to the closed beta, this would be largely for "find, create, or update" a contact at this stage.  Just shoot me your email in a private message.