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WebHooks notifications

Accepted by topic author rorlov
‎04-03-2019 02:09 AM
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Re: WebHooks notifications

[ Edited ]

Sorry, it took so long, so I found the issue.  The link I provided for v19 does not container the updater, but the v19 API installer.  Since you are on V19.2 and you want to add webhooks that was added to v20.0, you will need to run the updater for V20 or greater to add webhooks.  It is the same API just a different installer.!-premium-v21


This link has the updater and not the API installer.  You can use this updater on All versions of ACT from v18.2 or greater.  You will noticed the exe is a different name (updateractwebapi_v1.0.237.0.exe.  This will create a new act.webhook.notifications folder in the root ACT folder as mentioned in my above responses.  After you in stall this, you will still need to installutil -i act.webhook.notifications.exe to add this to the windows services.