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Web API What are the prerequisites?

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Web API What are the prerequisites?



I created an account at . Followed the instructions at and successfully made API calls.


Although I'm a bit confused about availability of Web API across Sage Act! products. What are the version in which the Web API is available?


- Act! Premium?

- Act! Essentials?

- Act! Pro?

- Act! Emarketing?


If there is other prerequisites I'd like to know about it too?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Web API What are the prerequisites?

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Re: Web API What are the prerequisites?



Technically, Essentials and Act! Premium have separate APIs.  Fundamentally they are very similar, and certainly the intent is to make it easy to develop across both.  The differences are primary authentication - because Essentials is pure SaaS, it's a bit simpler than Premium Web API, which has a unique endpoint per customer, and where a database name is necessary to specify.  The resources in the API should be very similar.  


Web API is available for Act! Premium v18+, but not yet deployed in Act! Premium Cloud (will be soon).

Essentials API is simply part of the SaaS offer.


Hope that helps,