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WEB API questions for a Zap

Nickel Elite Contributor
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WEB API questions for a Zap

Three fields on a form: Name, Company, email. We search by email.


  1. I have a client form on their website. It has a field for "Name". How do I map this to the contact  field? A very reliable source mentioned to map it to a "Fullname" field. However that is not in my list of fields in Zapier.
  2. I am using a "Find or Create" search. Some of the website visitors will be in the database, others will not. One of the rules of the WebAPI is that it will NOT write to a field that contains data. I will insure that if there is a find, a new field without any data should be written with the name of the form. Is my assumption correct?
  3. Do I have to configure two searches: one for Find and the another for Create? I may be misinterpreting "Find or Create": if there is a find, update any empty fields on the record, Else create a new record and update all mapped fields?

All help is gratefully appreciated.

Steve McCandlish
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Re: WEB API questions for a Zap

In answer to #1 - Just map the "Name" field to the "First Name" field. That's what I did and it worked.