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Using the 'try it out' or postman to test web api

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Using the 'try it out' or postman to test web api

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Okay, Im stumped. I am pretty new to developing with APIs but am familiar with the structure. I want to test the web API without having to install the sofware onto a server. Is this even possible? 


Assuming it is, I have tried entering creds here to try some of the endpoints. However, when I click log in it just pops up with an additional authentication box. What goes there? (see attached)


I have also tried making the call from postman but I am unclear what the base URL is supposed to be. I have tried and but get this errors instead of a bearer token. This is the error for the first attempt. The second attempt just said 'resource has been moved'


"message": "Unauthorized",
"exceptionMessage": "Could not find any database named 'CloudElements130' configured to be exposed for web access",
"exceptionType": "System.UnauthorizedAccessException",
"stackTrace": " at act.web.api.Auth.ActConnector.CreateInstances(String serverAlias, String database)\r\n at act.web.api.Auth.ActConnector.Connect(AuthenticationMechanisms mechanism, String username, String password, String server, String database)\r\n at act.web.api.Security.AuthMessageHandler.SendAsync(HttpRequestMessage request, CancellationToken cancellationToken)"


It looks like the DB is not set up for web API access. I checked in my user permissions to make sure that Web API permission was enabled. I also checked that our DB name was CloudElements130 from the about Act! Premium section.


If at all possible I would like to be able to test through postman. I appreciate any help I can get in advance. Thanks