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Testing trough Zapier fails

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Testing trough Zapier fails

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We're testing zapier with our v18 database.

Our credentials are ok, when we directly go to

but when we test this trough zapier we get a 504 error ( time out)


 Our Act! web API web.config is configured with:

<add key="EnabledCorsOrigins" value="*" />


and we have a working javascript file connecting with the Authorization key.


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Re: Testing trough Zapier fails

 Mmm... timeout is indicative of a bad server / url.  


If you're positive your url is correct, could be a bunk connection or old app in Zapier:

- Make sure you're using the right Beta app (there's several revs):  The icon should look orange, not blue.

- Create a brand new "Connected Account" in Zapier


Hope this helps!