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Testing Your Web API Setup

Copper Super Contributor
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Testing Your Web API Setup

I'm stuck...In the web API admin guide - #5. Test Your Connection shows


You’ll see a web page where you can enter a user name, password, and database name. If everything is working, you’ll be able to see a “token” generated after hitting the Test button."



I have tried this on the server hosting the database using http://localhost/Act.Web.API/Help - can't use https since the certificate is for the actual subdomain name.  I get a 404 page with more information showing: This error (HTTP 404 Not Found) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but the page you wanted was not found. It’s possible that the webpage is temporarily unavailable. Alternatively, the website might have changed or removed the webpage.


I've tried it outside the server replacing <insert_your_server_name> with the actual subdomain, and I get the same thing (404 page, same info).


This was a v17 installation that I upgraded to v18. It's currently v18.2.0.


I have verified that the Act.Web.API directory exists in IIS and points to C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act.Web.API.   There is no "help" subdirectory under Act.Web.API. Is that the problem?


Thanks in advance for any advice!


Wendy Cummins
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Re: Testing Your Web API Setup

That is my conclusion. I had the same experience.

Steve McCandlish
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Re: Testing Your Web API Setup

That's correct, no /help subdirectory.  Thanks for pointing this out, we caught this one on but clearly missed it in the doc.   We'll get this updated.