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Queston about api error message

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Queston about api error message

Hi, I apologize if this is a double post.  We have developed a webapp to make ACT more accessible for the visually impaired.  They use a screenreader program to navigate using keyboard and audio (JAWS by Freedom Scientific).  It is a very simple interface.  Here is a screenshot:


WACT screenshot.jpg


When I try to save a record for anyone who has an ACT login, I get the following lengthy error:


WACT error message.png


Here is the same error that has been reformatted:


json output.jpg


This doesn't mean anything to me.  I'm a sysadmin, not a developer that is helping with the project.  Any ideas?  Something to do with permission over contact with an Act login?  I was logged in as myself and I'm an Act administrator.



- Version of Act! you are using:

On Windows 10 workstations:  Act Premium , Update 4

On Windows 2016 Server:  Act Premium Web , Update 4


- If the issue involves Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word , Excel), state the version of Office you are using

Office 2016


- Is your database on your local machine (private database) or is it being shared from a server (shared database)?

Shared from a server.


- Operating system you have Act! installed on (i.e., Windows 7, Windows 8)

Windows 10 on the workstations.  Windows Server 2016 on the Act server.






Astute Commentator
Posts: 54
Country: USA

Re: Queston about api error message

I asked someone about this and we believe this is json data.


Which, looks like this more cleanly:


json pretty.png