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Pull customer information from AS400?

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Pull customer information from AS400?

Has anyone ever successfully integrated ACt Premium with the AS400? Our sales people have gotten pretty good with inputting contact information, however they are not following through when I sale goes through, and converting prospects to clients and including sales data into Act! for future marketing purposes.

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Re: Pull customer information from AS400?

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I haven't touched an AS400 since school (10 years ago), but we utilized a .NET application (version 1.1) to read/write data to it with the standard ODBC data objects (ODBCConnection, ODBCDataAdapter, etc.). I don't recall if there was a special driver, nor do I know if any set up was needed on the AS400 side. That stuff was done for us. Other than those 2 things, I don't see why you couldn't make an application/plug-in that talks with both ACT! and an AS400, though I haven't done it myself.


In case people don't know; the AS400 may also be referred to as an IBM i-Series. I'm just tossing that out there in case others can provide more feedback, but didn't know about the multiple names.


Edit:  I didn't notice right away that this was posted in the Web API section, so my info may not be the greatest. As long as you can handle ODBC connections with whatever middleware is being used (application, website, etc.), I would think it should be feasible to do.