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Problem with Scheduling Activities

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Problem with Scheduling Activities

[ Edited ]

I see there are 2 endpoints for scheduling activities: api/activities and /api/organizers/{id}/activities.

I've first tried the first one, and that seems to work ok, but the scheduledFor is ignored. I googled and found this topic , in which Simon says... to use the second endpoint (with the organizers).


When I try this, I get back this error (API


"message": "An error has occurred.",
"exceptionMessage": "ID Must be at least 36 characters",
"exceptionType": "System.ArgumentException",
"stackTrace": " at act.web.api.Services.ActivityService.Split(String ID) in c:\\gitroot\\act.web.api\\act.web.api\\Services\\ActivityService.cs:line 933


My full request to /api/organizers/6689d53a-6fc8-492e-873a-641e2059ba72/activities :

  "startTime": "2018-04-10T09:57:06.638Z",
  "endTime": "2018-04-10T09:57:06.638Z",
  "isTimeless": false,
  "isPrivate": false,
  "activityTypeName": "MijnActivityType",
  "details": "Dit zijn de details11",
  "subject": "Dit is het subject",
  "contacts": [
      "id": "ecc35513-61fd-432a-93e0-99e69d20aad6"
      "id": "6689d53a-6fc8-492e-873a-641e2059ba72"
  "opportunities": [
      "id": "aa79ccf5-5d00-4f25-be1f-e4cd310ab786"

What am I doing wrong here? I've also tried to add the id of the user to plan for in the "contacts"  array, but this didn't help either.


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Re: Problem with Scheduling Activities

[ Edited ]

Yes, the second endpoint is the correct way to post a schedule for activity and your sample that you posted was correct.  Still working on a way to duplicate your issue (no luck yet).  if you have anymore information that could help me duplicate this issue would be appreciated.