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PATCH on product: name field is ignored

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PATCH on product: name field is ignored

[ Edited ]

See attachment. If I do a PATCH request to a product, the price is nicely overwritten, the name is ignored.


Also, there's something weird with the edit date. The Act! web API's system time is 12:01:00 at the time of the request(Amsterdam summertime, so it should be 12:07:00+02:00, not 11:59:02+02:00)


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Re: PATCH on product: name field is ignored



Thank you for your post on the name request not updating on a PATCH request. You are correct by the functionality, the name field is currently not supported for PATCH through the API, but this is something that we are actively looking to incorporate in. 


In regards to the time issue, that was actually fixed and was released with the latest version of the API last week. That time issue should no longer be present.


Please let us know if you have any additional feedback or questions.



Jeff Hanrahan