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OData problems!!!

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OData problems!!!

[ Edited ]

Can you please have a look on the problems described below for API version


Problem 1

The following request goes wrong:



api/contacts?$filter=contains(tolower(customFields/email2_email), 'tobias')



The error:

Syntax error at position 17 in 'contains(_email), 'tobias') '.


If I leave out the tolower (which I need!), I get an empty list back, which is incorrect. It should return my record because if I do this:


api/contacts?$filter=contains(tolower(fullName), 'tobias groeneveld')


I do get this back:



customFields {  






contains(tolower(fullName), 'tobias groeneveld')


Problem 2:


If I do the same kind of request for a field without an underscore in it, it also doesnt work but the resulting error is different:


api/contacts?$filter=contains(tolower(customFields/tav), 'tobias')


The error:

The 'tolower' function cannot be applied to an enumeration-typed argument. //the customFields/tav field is a normal character field!!


If I now leave out the tolower again, I do get a correct result.




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