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OData filter on opportunity process

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OData filter on opportunity process

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How can I filter opportunities by process id? I've tried several things but none of them worked:


$filter=stage/process/id eq '2380e83d-cef4-4b6d-ad15-dc9a558431ab'

$ eq '2380e83d-cef4-4b6d-ad15-dc9a558431ab'

$filter=stage/process/id eq guid'2380e83d-cef4-4b6d-ad15-dc9a558431ab'

$ eq guid'2380e83d-cef4-4b6d-ad15-dc9a558431ab'

$filter=stage/process/name eq 'Act! Sales Cycle'
$ eq 'Act! Sales Cycle'


All with the following prefix:


/api/opportunities?$select=name&$expand=contacts,stage($expand=process)&$filter=contains(name, '' ) and 

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Re: OData filter on opportunity process

You can't filter by 'id', because Act! does not provide the API with metadata for that field, so it can't join on it. Will open a ticket for this.



However, you can filter on other columns:  This seems to work just fine:


/api/opportunities?$filter=(stage/process/name eq 'Act! Sales Cycle')&$select=name&$expand=contacts,stage($expand=process)