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No activity duration via DurationValue?

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No activity duration via DurationValue?

We are migrating a solution in which we used to create an activity-overview on a webapplication, from a construction using the SDK to using the Act.Web.API.


Part of this application is rendering a total duration per activity type (and in total). We did this because we serialized the SDK's Activity objects, which had a '

DurationValue' property. The Act!.Web.API doesn't have this property, so we now have to calculate it... not ideal. 
Can the DurationValue please be added to the responsebody of activities?

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Re: No activity duration via DurationValue?

I can add it, but do you really need the durationValue in ticks?  It seems that seconds would be a better suited value than ticks.  I'm asking, because I would not want to bring a field with ticks into a our new API in the future.  I can't see 1/10 of a second being useful for activities.  But, if you feel that it is absolutly necessary, I will bring this up to managment.