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Hi. I'm going to ask a question that I wanted to long ago but I never came to it.


Act! for Windows uses Newtonsoft.Json. Of course, everybody uses it. This leads to a problem however if an add-on also uses it (and its a different version). Version conflict.


In the past we solved this by just downloading its source from Gihub and renaming it to TendenzSoft.Json. Problem solved. But now we have a Nuget package which not only uses Newtonsoft.Json, but also many dependencies of it uses Newtonsoft.Json. We of course cannot do the above trick for every dependency, that's not the way I think.


Wat the correct way is in my opinion (and a quick fix for Swiftpage):


Please do the same thing as we did: download the source of NewtonSoft.Json from github and rename everything (namespace and assembly name) to for example SwiftpageSoft.json, and use that instead of the Nuget Package. I can also help with automatically downloading that dll for you, we've arranged something for ourselves as well with pre-build events and a powershell script.

That way, add-on developers can just use NewtonSoft.Json for everything and be saved of a LOT of problems!



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