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I was just wondering how to:

  1. Get the name of a Picklist associated with a field
  2. Get a list of active items for an existing Picklist
  3. Add/remove items from a picklist
  4. Associate an existing Picklist to a Field
  5. Create a new Picklist

I know Picklists aren't in the API at the moment, so I suppose I'm being cheeky in trying to either insert a dev request and to also get an idea of this feature inclusion timeline.


Is it possible to confirm that a new build of the API will be released this Friday? I'm eagerly awaiting it since I understand that it will contain the Histories entity.

Vivek Gargav
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Re: Dropdowns/Picklists

Hi Vivek,


Picklist API will certainly be included in the future, none of which I can be too descriptive about simply because we're no there yet.  


Histories (at least POST & GET) is being actively worked on and will be in the next interim release, hopefully later this week.