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Creating custom (sub)entities from the Act Web API

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Creating custom (sub)entities from the Act Web API

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we'd like to store sub-records under contacts. I think this is done with custom (sub) entities, as I recall it was this way:


CustomEntity - the table name (e.g. 'software registrations' with fields 'name' and 'version')

CustomSubEntity - the records in that table (e.g. name: 'Act' , version': v22')


Correct me if i'm wrong.


How is this done via the Api? SDK is not an option here. I see there's this endpoint :




but you have to pass an entityname. I think we have to _create_ an entity (table) first?

And what about the sub entities? Can you provide an example of doing the above (described in blue)?


EDIT: after some trial and error wit a database which already had custom tables (created with Topline) I see this endpoint can CRUD (create, read, update, delete) the records.

So the question remains, how can we create the table with the API? We don't want the client to do this manually...


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