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Create recurring call with alarm

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Create recurring call with alarm

I need to add reccuring Call with reminders into Act Premium CRM by API, but can't find detail information about this in API. Can you please assist me in this issue?

Can I also add Call with Alarm to CRM by API?

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Re: Create recurring call with alarm

To create a re-occurring activities you will want to post to: /api/activityseries. Included a sample of the payload below. Unfortunately, the API does not support the alarm yet.


POST: Payload (Sample Only)


    "duration": "00:10:00",
    "isTimeless": false,
    "isPrivate": false,
    "activityPriorityName": "Low",
    "activityTypeName": "Call",
    "details": "This is a test...",
    "subject": "Call Test...",
    "recurSpec": {
      "seriesStart": "2017-05-05T10:00:00-07:00",
      "day": {
        "dayAsInt": 1,
        "daysOfWeek": null,
        "typedDay": "Day",
        "dayType": "Typed",
        "ordinal": "None"
      "seriesEnd": "2017-09-27T23:59:59-07:00",
      "isEndless": false,
      "month": 0,
      "frequency": 1,
      "recurType": "Daily"
    "contacts": [
	    	"id": "99fb9527-7a3d-441a-8cbd-c5fa58fd6c44"