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Change Columns Displayed on Handheld - How-to?

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Change Columns Displayed on Handheld - How-to?

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We have our Handheld working well with Act!, but now we need to customize what is displayed to include the Favorite Field...  or not, if someone can share a better workaround solves the below problem. 


We have created 150 groups, and we need to access those groups to find the records that have been setup as Favorites.    We may have 500+ records in the group, but only a handful, say 2-5, will ever be "favorites" within each group.   I've examined the handheld's "Customize Contacts" screen, and there is one User Defined Field that displays (1st Year Membership, which I think is just a fluke, because the field name sorts high on the list.  I COULD change the field name for Favorite to 0-Favorite, but ... I think I'm on the wrong track).   Thoughts?