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Can we have the "Referred By" field in Zapier please?

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Can we have the "Referred By" field in Zapier please?

Hi Swifties,


I am not sure if this would be the right place to ask but can we please have the "Referred By" field in the mapping area in Zapier?


One of our customers had a look at the Zapier integration as they have been using the Eventbrite.

They would like to record or add a History to the existing records in their Act! database when the Attendee books a meeting and then group them together by using dynamics Groups in Act!.

However unfortunately the Referred By field is not in the list (please see it attached) so we are unable to tell to the system where the Attendees are coming from hence we are unable to group them either.

Id/Status field is already used to mark whether they are member or not.


Many thanks,






Marcell Varga

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