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Adding an Attachment using the Web API

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Adding an Attachment using the Web API

I have been attempting to add an attachment to Act! using the Web API and while I have managed to create a history it isn't attaching the document.  I've also tried creating an attachment link and that doesn't appear to be working either.  Has anyone been able to get it to work?  I saw a post from a year ago with the same issue and there was no resolution.


This is the body of the post that I am using.  I've basically copied the output and just left out a couple of the parameters.



"isPrivate": false,
"details": "",
"regarding": "Doc2.docx",
"duration": "0 minutes",
"startTime": "2019-12-11T14:38:00",
"endTime": "2019-12-11T14:38:00",
"outlookID": null,
"historyTypeID": -1,
"historyType": {
"id": -1,
"name": "Library Document",
"description": ""
"created": "2019-12-11T14:38:01.247",
"edited": "2019-12-11T14:38:01.247",
"companies": null,
"contacts": [
"id": "8e3b215d-1673-441a-98b1-8c5dd55fdfec",
"displayName": "Chris Huffman"
"groups": null,
"opportunities": null,
"attachment": {
"displayName": "Doc2.docx",
"fileExtension": ".lnk",
"fileName": "C:\\ACTSHARE\\Databases\\BM_Empty-database files\\Attachments\\Doc2.lnk",
"fileSize": 1,
"fileSizeDisplay": "1 KB",
"fileType": "Microsoft Word Document",
"lastModified": "2019-12-11T14:38:01.2413212-06:00",
"personal": false





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Re: Adding an Attachment using the Web API

In the swagger docs, look under SupplementalFiles.  This is a list of endpoints that are used for attachments.  After you created the history record you can upload the attachment with this endpoint.


FormData post to:


POST: /api/attachments/history/{history id}

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded