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API asks for Server credentials

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API asks for Server credentials

[ Edited ]

API Version:

Act Premium V19.1 update 2

Windows 2012 server


We did an test on our demoserver, three database connected to the APFW

Accessible to browsers 


Then we test the API, two databases are given an token, the third database (is a restore from a older Act! version) gives an authorisation screen

All databases are in the same directory and shared


See screens for examples




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Re: API asks for Server credentials

Hi Tendenz,

Was this also happening in other browsers?
What happens if you use a HTTP request tool like to make the authorization request?
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Re: API asks for Server credentials

Most likely what is causing this is "Windows Authentication" is enabled on the API application.  If you go into IIS and select the "act.web.api" application, should be under the Default Web Site.  Click on the "Authentication" icon in the right panel.  You should see a list of authentication names.  The only thing that should be enabled for the Act.Web.Api web application is "Anonymous Authentication" and "ASP.NET Impersonation".  Just disable all other authentications.