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ACT API for V18 Premium

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ACT API for V18 Premium

OK everyone,


Stupid Question.  My company has a standalone version of V18 Premium Web.  Does ACT API come with it and if so how do I install it and get started with it.  Can I make calls to it from PHP so that I can create forms on my website to access it and where is the documentation for it found.


I feel stupid because I can't seem to find anything that I need to get started



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Re: ACT API for V18 Premium

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You can download Web API, and starting in v18.1 our installer will download the latest version for you.


You can grab it here:!-premium-v18


We now have a new central point for all API documentation:


Web (aka REST) APIs are technology neutral, so you can use any platform, programming language you want.  Yes, that means you can use PHP to call out to our Web API.  We can't help you with the PHP part, but you should be able to find resources on PHP and REST APIs online.


Good luck!