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returning a list of Users in a new form.

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returning a list of Users in a new form.

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I'm trying to return a list of users FullName in one of my own forms. Here's the code I'm using


ContactList oContacts;

oContacts = application.ActFramework.Contacts.GetContactsUsers(null);
foreach (Act.Framework.Contacts.Contact oContact in oContacts)


When I put this code in the AfterLogin event it works perfectly fine. However, If I attempt to execute after opening my form (from a custom menu item) I get an "object reference not set" error.


Debugging shows the oContact.FullName is returning null but I can't see why.


Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: returning a list of Users in a new form.

The fullname value can be NULL because no value was ever entered into that record. Same is true for other fields on the contact record. You need to check for NULL before using it.


Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin