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newbie - sample C#

Tuned Listener
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newbie - sample C#



I'm a total newbie to Act. I have a 3rd party app that needs to store / retrieve data from an Act database through the sdk. I see bits and pieces of code snippets, but my first question is what DLL's do I need to reference in my C# project? 


I'm using Act 2009.


Thanks in advance!



Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: newbie - sample C#

The minimum you need is usually act.framework.dll and act.shared.collections.dll .  If you are using the UI then actt.ui.dll and act.ui.core.dll are also needed.  After that it depeneds on your project but that should be enough for just retrieving and updating data.  All the dlls can be found on the act install cd.