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my own created tables won't sync

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my own created tables won't sync



We have an add-on which uses a SQL table in the Act! database. No custom table, no customsubentity, just an SQL table. 

The add-on works perfectly for terminal server users or single users, but we discovered that in a remote database scenario, the table won't sync. 

If we manually create the table on the rdb the records won't sync either.


I recall that this worked before, years ago. Can you please confirm that this isn't going to work with a remote database scenario, or that we are doing things wrong?


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Re: my own created tables won't sync

Good morning TendenZ.

I am not aware that this works. Act! only seems to sync tables that it recognises of which custom tables are part. It is like syncing subfolders in the templates folder. You may have to write your own sync tool.

Kind regards