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lookup in datagrid or make a list otherways

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lookup in datagrid or make a list otherways

Hi, I am an amateur (in programming who is trying just for fun and learning to get some data out of Act through the SDK. Now I can make new records, view a single record and so on. What is unclear to me, and maybe anyone can give me some samples, how to bind a lookup to a datagrid or how to navigate in these lookups? I have seen something like ActApp.UIContactManager.ShowListView(), but I can't find a way to get it working, do I have to declare ActApp first as something? I can't find any working samples.


Thanks for your reply!



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Re: lookup in datagrid or make a list otherways


You can bind the ACT! list directly to the grid. Something like this:



This.MyContactsGrid.DataSource = ACTAPP.ApplicationState.CurrentContactList;



me.MyContactsGrid.DataSource = ACTAPP.ApplicationState.CurrentContactList


If you want a more complex example using the .NET bindingsource conrols check out CustomSubEntities example posted here:


-- jim durkin