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how to Add values to CustomSubEntity

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how to Add values to CustomSubEntity

I created a new CustomSubEntity using the above mentioned code and it's working good.(I checked by attaching the database and found the new table with column names)

CustomEntityDescriptor descriptor = actFrmWrk.CustomEntities.CreateCustomSubEntity("CUSTOM_CONTACT_TABLE", "AllCustomContactFields", (ParentEntity)1, true);

 FieldDescriptor fieldDescriptor = newFieldDescriptor("MyUniqueID", descriptor, FieldDataType.Character);

 FieldDescriptor fieldDescriptor1 = newFieldDescriptor("AnotherColumn1", descriptor, FieldDataType.Character);

 FieldDescriptor fieldDescriptor2 = newFieldDescriptor("AnotherColumn2", descriptor, FieldDataType.Character);




Now the issue is that I dont know how to assign values(the data) to the above mentioned custom data using .net Code.


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Re: how to Add values to CustomSubEntity

You can set field values for custom entity fields similar to how you would for other fields. The pseudo could would look something like:


CustomEntityFieldDescriptor myCustomField = MyCustomSubEntityManager.GetCustomSubEntityFieldDescriptor("TBL_MYTBL.MYCOLUMN");

myCustomField.SetValue(object, value);

Matthew Wood
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Re: how to Add values to CustomSubEntity

Thanks Mathew

but issue I faced with this is I don't know what the object should be in the myCustomField.SetValue(object,value).


In some of the threads I saw it should be SuEntity.But I am not able to find how to get subentity out of fielddescriptor.