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Window Title Modification

Nickel Contributor
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Window Title Modification

How difficult would it be to modify the Window title from
"ACT! by Sage -(NAME OF DATABASE)"    to    "ACT! by Sage -(NAME OF DATABASE) - contact name"  ???
I would like to add the name of the contact to the very end of the Window title.
Can someone show me how in SDK?
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Re: Window Title Modification

Hey there,


Here you go:


actApp.Text += " Current Contact: " + actApp.ApplicationState.CurrentContact.FullName;

where actApp is the Act.UI.ActApplicatin instance.




Vivek Gargav
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Re: Window Title Modification



 I was wondering where you went to change the Window Title...? 




Is there a way to remove "ACT! by Sage"  from the Title as well?


Thanks in advance