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Why Do Emails Fields GUIDS Change after creation.

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Why Do Emails Fields GUIDS Change after creation.

If you create an email field, and ask for the GUID directly after saving.
Log2Txt(" TEST : Field.ID = " + Field.ID.ToString());

But then you go a look for that field via that same GUID, The fields GUID
has changed.

I would think this is a BUG. Can we fix it? I confirmed that this bug is
present in 10.1 and 9.X
I did a test and all other field types dont change, so why the

Jeremy Wesley
Jeremy Wesley
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Re: Why Do Emails Fields GUIDS Change after creation.

Hey Jeremy,

I was able to recreate this during my testing.

It appears that when the original FieldDescriptor used to create the custom field goes ‘out of scope’ the GUID.ID also changes.


However retrieving the GUID using:


FieldDescriptorCollection fdc = ActFwk.Fields.GetFields(RecordType.Contact);

FieldDescriptor fd1 = fdc.Find("CustomEmail");

MessageBox.Show("CustomEmail GUID ID: " + fd1.ID.ToString());


Consistantly returns the same GUID - for email fields or otherwise.


It is curious that this happens with email fields but if I was forced to take I guess I would say that this is due to the special behavior of email fields within the program.

Just to make sure, I’ll be sure to report this for further review and see what fixes can be made if necessary or if this is functioning as designed, due to the special nature of an email field.

Carlton Jones
Sage Software