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WebContextBrowser NEEDED for ACT! 2011

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WebContextBrowser NEEDED for ACT! 2011

The loss of a working WebContextBrowser addon has become an obstacle to many of our clients wanting to upgrade to ACT! 2011.  It really HURTS to have to remove WCB tabs from the layout of our ACT! 2011 users and from our own production database too!


Turns out we and our users really prefer WCB browser-specific tabs and easily distributable links within the layout design vs. distributing customizations in the standard Webinfo tab .


How difficult and/or possible is it to turn out a WCB for 2011?   Seriously, this is a major obstacle to 2011 adoption.


Paul Marentette
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Re: WebContextBrowser NEEDED for ACT! 2011



I believe you are using an older version of the custom control.  The latest version of the control posted on devnet works fine on ACT! 2010 OR ACT! 2011.


How do you find the latest version of the control?  As per request at Insights I created a download directory posting that sends you to the page in the forum with the latest version of the controls @


I'm guessing you are looking for the contact context browser control which is now rev'd at version 1.3.1 accessible in the forum from the link in this posting.


I also added an Opportunity and Group web context control this year (in a posting but not yet on the directory) - I'd love to get feedback or confirmation of use on those controls so I can add them to the directory.