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Web Services

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Web Services

Is there any documentation someone could point me to on how to use / consume the ACT framework as a web service? I'm trying to get access to it via adobe air/flex but not sure how to get the framework functions
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Re: Web Services

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I'm sure ACT for Web does most of this for you, but I created a VB.NET webservice (using Visual Web Developer 2005 Express) to interact with our ACT Database in order to populate data on a ASP website.


It's pretty straight-forward, actually. Just create your new webservice, put your Act.Framework.dll and Act.Shared.Collections.dll in your bin directory, and do something like:


Imports Act.Framework

Imports Act.Framework.Contacts


Public Class myWebService 

   Inherits System.Web.Services.WebService


   Dim ActFwk As ActFramework = New Act.Framework.ActFramework


   Dim sActUserName As String = "myusername"

   Dim sUserPassword As String = "mypassword"

   Dim sServerName As String = "MYServerName"

   Dim sDBName As String = "MyDBName"

   'you could also use a pad file here instead


'Now create a WebMethod to do something.... This particular one

'will return the UniqueID's of contacts whose table/field data match the specified string:

<System.Web.Services.WebMethod()> _

Public Function GetContactIDsByField(ByVal sTableName As String, ByVal sFieldName As String, ByVal criteria As String) As String()


  Dim IDs As New ArrayList


  'Log in to the framework...

  ActFwk.LogOn(sActUserName, sUserPassword, sServerName, sDBName)


  'Set up the lookup:

  Dim oColumn1 As Act.Framework.Lookups.CriteriaColumn

  Dim oOperator1 As Act.Framework.Lookups.OperatorEnum

  Dim cLookup As Act.Framework.Lookups.ContactLookup  

  Dim cList As ContactList

  oOperator1 = Act.Framework.Lookups.OperatorEnum.EqualTo

  oColumn1 = ActFwk.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn(sTableName, sFieldName, True)

  Dim lCriteria As Act.Framework.Lookups.Criteria() = New Act.Framework.Lookups.Criteria() _

  {New Act.Framework.Lookups.Criteria(Act.Framework.Lookups.LogicalOperator.End, CByte(0), CByte(0), _

    oColumn1, oOperator1, criteria)}  cLookup = ActFwk.Lookups.LookupContactsReplace(lCriteria, True, True)


  'Do the lookup:

  cList = cLookup.GetContacts(Nothing)


  For Each myContact As Contact In cList


        IDs.Add(New String(myContact.ID.ToString))




  Return IDs.ToArray(GetType(String))


 End Function


End Class


Now that you have your webservice method, you can call it on your web page. Just feed the method a table, a field, and some criteria, and it will return the UniqueID(s) of the ACT Contact(s) that match.


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Re: Web Services

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Oh, and the webservice has to run on the ACT server. There's probably a way around that though. Feel free to email me if you have any questions....
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Re: Web Services

How about a local installation of Act?Is there any quide on how to connect a Web Service with a local installation of act?