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Web Menu Items not executing js functions

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Web Menu Items not executing js functions

If you thought the documentation for the Act app. was lacking you ouyght to see the Web SDK. No wonder no one wants to develop anything for web.


So trying a very simple app just to see what it would take to move our plugins to web as well. Not looking good. First item right off is that I can't seem to figure out how to get the js include file to actually be included:



IWebMenuItem axcMenu = session.Menu.Items.Add("axciant", "AXCiANT", ActionType.None, "axciant", true);axcMenu.Items.Add(

"?", "ABC", ActionType.JS, "DoSomething()", true);

axcMenu.Items.Add("??", "XYZ", ActionType.JS, "DoSomethingElse()", true);

axcMenu.Items.Add("???", "123", ActionType.JS, "ConfigIt()", true);



Everything shows as it should but clicking one of the three sub menu's just return a js object expected error.

I've put the js file in the apfw/plugins folder and the bin folder and even the javascript folder and it doesn't see it anywhere.


Any ideas what I'm missing would be greatly appreciated.


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