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Web Forms / iOS custom app and integrating form data to ACT

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Web Forms / iOS custom app and integrating form data to ACT

Hi all


Newbie here. Well new to ACT CRM.


Our client currently uses Web Forms on their site so data is sent direct to ACT CRM. The data is stored in a folder in ACT (awaiting which folder) but it is not the area they would like the data to be sent/stored and the client would like ACT to check for duplicates. Is checking for duplicates possible with Web Forms?


Also, the client wants a custom exhibition iOS App creating which is where my company comes in to play. The app will house a form and they would like this form data feeding in to ACT. We've got the app functionality sorted and we will build a holding area for the form data to be stored and allow the client to access outside of ACT (incase of issues), it will also work offline so no data lost if an internet conenction is not available. Simple but works well for other clients.


I've asked our client a few questions... is their ACT server internal or cloud based. Do they have the API installed. Awaiting feedback.


I'm guessing others here will have integrated either custom form systems or third party form systems with ACT, is finding and ignoring duplicates something the API manages or would this be something our development team write in to the integration. The more the API manages the better for ourselves. I did ask support for API documentation but they said in live chat is was not available and to come on here.


I've quickly introduced our development team to this project and to them it will all be fine but I'm trying to gain as much knowledge/information as possible so I can comfortably sit and talk to the client about this project.


If more info is needed please let me know or if I've posted in the wrong area.


PS - if there is documentation on the API please can you point me in the direction to get a copy : )



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Re: Web Forms / iOS custom app and integrating form data to ACT

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I'm presuming that the client has a newer version of ACT, so this link may be beneficial for you:


Otherwise, for specific questions, this is the spot to post them. There is a specific area for Web API questions, and that is just under the Developer's Lounge. There is a good amount of knowledge in the people who post here, but like any forum, it could take some time to get an answer. For reference, I'm far from the most knowledgeable here, but I like to help out when I can since I was helped out by the people in this forum as well.

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Re: Web Forms / iOS custom app and integrating form data to ACT

Many thanks for the reply and the link.


I believe they are running ACT Premiun v18.



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Re: Web Forms / iOS custom app and integrating form data to ACT

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I suggest that you use a third party web portal product such as Smart Forms. You won't need the Act! API and it  will check for duplicates. Refer:     

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