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Web API Changes in

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Web API Changes in

Is there documentation available that references the changes between the Act! API version 1.0.404.0 and version as since updating Act! to v21 Update 4 the API has updated and bespoke integrations have stopped functioning?


It would be useful to understand what changes have occurred so this can then be amended in the bespoke integrations.



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Re: Web API Changes in



We do post release notes and what's been updated through the KB on the API. It would be helpful if we could get some info on the integrations you're using and what sections of the API they hit to provide further assistance. 


Act! API v1.0.404 is quite old, and we've released a number of improvements since then. 


The new features in v1.1.25 are the following:

  • RTF Conversion update for v22 and subsequent updates - this helps the routing of RTF to HTML / vice-versa, etc.

We have had 9 releases of the API since v1.0.404 with a number of key areas addressed, including a major version update at v1.1.0. If you can provide more context on the integrations, I can help get the information on those areas that changed.



Jeff Hanrahan