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Using OLE/DB for getting group-contact-relation

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Using OLE/DB for getting group-contact-relation

Hi everybody. Is there any opportunity to get the membership of contacts to groups by old/db?
I've looked up all views in the ole/db and found: nothing...
Please give me any ideas...
Best regards
Mario Stuck
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Re: Using OLE/DB for getting group-contact-relation

I haven't look at it using the OLE/DB interface, only from ODBC. The table you are looking for is TBL_GROUP_CONTACT and has two fields, groupid and contactid which would show you static group associations. Note, this will NOT show you dynamic group membership, that is much more easily done from the SDK.
Nick Bohne
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Re: Using OLE/DB for getting group-contact-relation

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Hi Mario,


With my free MiddleWare SDK for ACT by Sage just dropped into your ACT plugins folder, you can do what you want with ease using your favourite programming language. (VB6, C++ - whatever...)


All you have to do is write 4 bytes, namely "GRPS" into a specified file and within a second, ACT will export the Group Names and GUIDS into a flat ASCII file.


Then after saving any of those Group's GUIDs into another flat ASCII file followed by a save of "GMEM" into the control file, you will force ACT to export all of the MEMBERS of that Group into a Tab Delimited TXT File.


Basically, there's simply no easier way of doing it. Just like magic.


You can get my free MiddleWare here: 


Best regards,


Kevin Ritch
CRM Solutions, Inc.
New York

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