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Using FireFox with ACT! for Web

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Using FireFox with ACT! for Web

I'm going to start off by saying this is NOT an answer to everyone's questions about FireFox support for the web client, but while doing some research on this I found an interesting FireFox add-on called IETabs.  This add-on essentially allows you to use FireFox on Windows and have certain sites render using the IE embedded engine.  I tested our ACT! 2010 Beta refresh using this yesterday and though I did NOT thoroughly test the client, everything I hit worked - including mail merge.  I guess this shouldn't be a surprise as the site is actually being rendered and accessed in IE with FireFox being the hosting container...


Again, I'm only sharing my discoveries not claiming to have a business viable solution to the request for Firefox. 


One question this does bring up for me is whether any of the FireFox support demand would be addressed by a solution like this.  Ergo are some of the users requesting FireFox support simply wanting to keep all of their browsing experiences in that browser and would be OK that behind the scenes the FF engine is not being used on that one page?


In case there are any doubters - I've attached a screenshot of ACT! 2010 web in FireFox. it's not photoshopped, really!


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Re: Using FireFox with ACT! for Web

I've been using IE Tab with Firefox to access our ACT! for Web, and it seems to work perfectly.   While actual Firefox support would be better as it's one less add-on to install (and who knows if/when it will disappear or become unsupported), I have found this solves my immediate needs.
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Re: Using FireFox with ACT! for Web

Just now seeing this - how totally cool.  Now, just need to train users on loading this addon.
Patricia Egen
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