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Upgrading from ACT 6.0 finally... UniqueID question

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Upgrading from ACT 6.0 finally... UniqueID question

We are (finally) upgrading our ACT 6.0 db to ACT pro.  We waited because we have dozens of custom apps we have written that use and integrate the ACT data.  The programs we have written were written in Delphi and used dbase IV tables.


I have written some test apps in .NET.  We have also tested the OLEDB.


My first question is regarding the UniqueID in ACT 6.0. 


In .NET how do I retrieve UniqueIDs from the ACTFramework?  I tried the basics 


fdContactID = theApp.ActFramework.Contacts.GetContactFieldDescriptor("<various aliases", Act.Framework.MutableEntities.FieldNameType.Alias);


with no luck.   I was able to get the GUID and have tested the various Aliases from the db field list report.  I am guessing the Read Only tag is where I am faltering.


Our applications use the ACT 6.0 UniqueID as an identifier for the Customers.  Is the ACT 6.0 UniqueID stored in the ACT Pro db?  If so, how is it retrieved/viewed?


Thanks for your help

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Re: Upgrading from ACT 6.0 finally... UniqueID question

The GUID is what you should be looking for in any recent version of ACT. GUID = Global Unique IDentifier. I'm not sure how the old version's UniqueID transitions into the GUID though. Maybe someone else can provide some clarification there.
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Re: Upgrading from ACT 6.0 finally... UniqueID question

The old Act! 5-6 IDs were 8 character IDs and they are usually migrated to a field in the new Contact record.  In addition to what knif mentioned the GUID is usually the "ID" property on the entities in the .NET versions of Act!.



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