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Updating Products

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Updating Products

I'm creating new products in a database using the follwing:


using ACTOpps = Act.Framework.Opportunities;

ACTOpps.Product newp = oApp.ActFramework.Products.CreateProduct(Description, StockCode, Convert.ToDecimal(sPrice), Convert.ToDecimal(sCost));

 Which seems to work fine but I then want to update some of the values later.  Can someone help me with this?


As an example, I may want to change the price at a later date


Thank you :-)

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Re: Updating Products

To do this, get the products from and existing opportunity (OpportunityProducts)


oppProdList = existingOpp.GetProducts(null);


From there you can set any of the fields for that product. 


oppProdList[0].Price = 1;


This will altar the values for a product of an existing opportunity. To change the product itself, get the list of products:


ProductList myProducts = ActApp.ActFramework.Products.GetProducts(null);

myProducts[0].Cost = 1;



Matthew Wood
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