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Updating ACT7 DB via Linked SQL Server

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Updating ACT7 DB via Linked SQL Server

I curently have SQL Server 2008 Express ".\Sqlexpress" and ACT's SQL Instance ".\ACT7" installed on a development PC.

I have Linked .\Sqlexpress to .\ACT7 in SSMS. I can successfully perform SELECT queries against ACT7's tables, as well as execute UPDATE statements. Questions:


1) IF ACT7 were a central db on a remote server, with ACT Client rdb's synching to it, would the updates made propagate?


2) It appears reading from ACT7's databases via Linked Servers is allowed. Are updates to these ACT Database tables, via a Linked SQL Server Instances, a violation of any license terms or conditions?


3) Are there any performance issues to be wary of concerning Linked SQL Server communication?


-Thank you.