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Unable to GetCriteriaColumn from any other table than TBL_CONTACT

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Unable to GetCriteriaColumn from any other table than TBL_CONTACT

I've been scratching my head over this for a cupple of days now and still cant understand why I'm unable to GetCriteriaColumn from any other table than TBL_CONTACT.  Any pointers/help will be most appreciated 



public List<actContact> autheriseContact(string postCode, string serialNumber, string phoneNumber) {
            CriteriaColumn cSerialNumber = actFwk.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_CONTACT", "USER2", true);
            CriteriaColumn cPhoneNumber0 = actFwk.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_PHONE", "NUMBERDISPLAY", true);
            CriteriaColumn cPhoneNumber1 = actFwk.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_CONTACT", "CUST_2ndPhone_053109522", true);
            CriteriaColumn cPhoneNumber2 = actFwk.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_CONTACT", "CUST_3rdPhone_053115383", true);
            CriteriaColumn cPhoneNumber3 = actFwk.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_CONTACT", "CUST_AsstPhone_053123463", true);
            CriteriaColumn cPostcode = actFwk.Lookups.GetCriteriaColumn("TBL_ADDRESS.POSTALCODE", false);
            Criteria[] theCriteria = new Criteria[] {
                new Criteria(LogicalOperator.And,(byte)0, (byte)0, cPostcode, OperatorEnum.EqualTo, postCode),
                new Criteria(LogicalOperator.And,(byte)0, (byte)0, cSerialNumber, OperatorEnum.EqualTo, serialNumber),
                new Criteria(LogicalOperator.Or,(byte)0, (byte)0, cPhoneNumber0, OperatorEnum.EqualTo, phoneNumber),
                new Criteria(LogicalOperator.Or,(byte)0, (byte)0, cPhoneNumber1, OperatorEnum.EqualTo, phoneNumber),
                new Criteria(LogicalOperator.Or,(byte)0, (byte)0, cPhoneNumber2, OperatorEnum.EqualTo, phoneNumber),
                new Criteria(LogicalOperator.End,(byte)0, (byte)0, cPhoneNumber3, OperatorEnum.EqualTo, phoneNumber)

            ContactLookup theLookup = actFwk.Lookups.LookupContactsReplace(theCriteria, true, true);
            ContactList contactL = theLookup.GetContacts(null);

            if (contactL.Count() > 0)
               theContact.Add(new actContact(contactL[0].FullName, contactL[0].FullName, contactL[0].LastName, contactL[0].CompanyID, contactL[0].Company, contactL[0].ID));
            } else {
                theContact.Add(new actContact("001", "No Match Found", "The Query of Postcode, Serial Number and Phone Number returned no results"));
                return theContact;

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Re: Unable to GetCriteriaColumn from any other table than TBL_CONTACT

Ping! has any one got any idea why im exprencing this?

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Re: Unable to GetCriteriaColumn from any other table than TBL_CONTACT

I'm unsure why you're unable to get criteria columns for columns that aren't in the contact table, but you should be able to get zip code and phone number criteria from the contact table:







I'm just pulling these from a list of all field descriptors for contacts.

Matthew Wood
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