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System.Drawing.Bitmap Background Rendering Inconsistency

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System.Drawing.Bitmap Background Rendering Inconsistency

With a specified background image (in my case a two color vertical gradient), using different scrolling methods in a panel will cause the image to change from a static seamless state to vertically tiled.


I might be obsessing over a trivial issue, but I wonder if anyone has noticed this as well. And if this is the wrong spot for this thread, please let me know.


To replicate:


Create a image with two color vertical gradient (~600px height, width > max panel width) in gimp or ps. In the layout designer, set the background image to the gradient you created with the following properties:


BackgroundImageLayout: none

BackColor: White


After saving the BackgroundImage property should be System.Drawing.Bitmap.


In the panel you applied the gradient, add enough objects to have a vertical scrollbar, so maybe half the panel is visible.


Now, when scrolling using the scrollbar arrows, the gradient is rendered correctly (and seamless), however if you click the negative space in the scrollbar (so that it immediately jumps to the bottom), the gradient is no longer rendered seamlessly and is tiled vertically.