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Shortcut keys.

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Shortcut keys.

Here's my code for creating menu items in ACT!


String aURN = “act-ui://com.act/application/menu/tools/MyMenu”;
String aMenuText = “My New Menu Item”;
Image aImage = Resource1.MyIcon;
CommandBarControl.ItemDisplayStyle aStyle = CommandBarControl.ItemDisplayStype.ImageAndText;
Keys[] aKeys = { Keys.Control | Keys.M };

AddMenuItem(aURN, aMenuText, new CommandHandler(MyMenuHandler), aStyle, aImage, aKeys);


This seems to work great except for the shortcut keys. In versions 10 and 11 this works fine and the menuitem displays 


'My New Menu Item     Ctrl+M'.


But it doesnt work in 12-15. I've tried changing the keys to see if it had something to to with M being used elsewhere but it doesnt seem to make a difference. 


Can anyone help?

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Re: Shortcut keys.

I did get this to work, but not with Ctrl+M, that key combination is already used to schedule a new meeting, it would add the shortcut text to the menu, but wouldn't work. If I changed it to a key combination that wasn't bound to anything already (in my case Ctrl+E) then it worked fine. I know you said you'd tried other keys, but check to see if the alternatives you tried are also already bound.

Matthew Wood
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