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Setting user preferences for act! v16

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Setting user preferences for act! v16



I'm trying to use the act! SDK to set user preferences (things like setting alarms, setting default start tab to contacts, turning on grid lines for certain views, enabling outlook calendar syncing etc ..)


1) Does anyone know if this is possible via the SDK. We have about 90 users and they tend to move PC's quite often and it takes a while to set these preferences each time. I'd be nice to have a plugin that just does it automatically for them.


I've had a look at act.framework.preferences but have drawn a complete blank on that one. There is very very little in the SDK that I've found for this sort of thing (which makes me suspect it isn't possible or it's quite limited).


I know some preferences are set in the preferences206.xml file but not all. Is there any sort of guide to what the values in this file do (yes I know things could go horribly wrong, but it's easy to fix if things do)


2) Also is it possible to set preferences for a team instead of individual users. I saw that tbl_accessor_preferences has support for this but not sure how I'd go about implementing it. We've had major issues with tbl_preferences being over 800 lines causing act! to become horrendously slow. Act! takes about 2.5 minutes to load when tbl_preferences has over 800 lines, but 12 seconds if we clear it (but lose all our user preferences)


3) Can one programmatically attach the act! address book to outlook. Our users seem to be incapable of clicking next --> next --> finish when it gets disconnected and it'd be great to have it done automatically for them.


Thanks in advance