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Set ACL Teams for companies

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Set ACL Teams for companies

I am creating an application that imports/create new companies in the act database from greatplains.While creating a new company in the act database i need to set the comany limited access to a team.How do I do that??Please help me.I refered the SDK but I could not find any mehods that does this.All I can find in the SDK is the following :



Dim fsliTeams As FieldSecurityAccessListItem() = NothingDim fdm As FieldDescriptorManager = New FieldDescriptorManager(ActFwk)Dim fdc As FieldDescriptorCollection = fdm.GetFields(RecordType.Contact)Dim fd As FieldDescriptor = fdc.FindByColumnName("USER1")Dim I'You must lock the database prior to using field security methods.ActFwk.Database.LockDatabase(DatabaseLockReason.General)fsliTeams = fdm.SecurityGetTeams(fd)For I = 0 To fsliTeams.Length - 1 If fsliTeams(I).Name = "Melissa Pearce" Then fsliTeams(I).Access = FieldSecurityAccessEnum.Deny fsliTeams(I).Permission = FieldSecurityPermissionEnum.Team fdm.SecuritySetTeams(fd, fsliUsers) End IfNextActFwk.Database.UnlockDatabase()

 Please help me with this problem.