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Searching Opportunities by Contact Name via SDK

Tuned Listener
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Searching Opportunities by Contact Name via SDK




  I am currently using the 2005 SDK (9.0) to read a long list of my contacts from an external database.

My goal is to post an update to a specific opportunity of a company/contact. I was able to construct a logic in VB using the sample codes in the help file. However, I am having a performance issue due to the limited option that I have in rendering a filter ( or maybe I am wrong).

It seems that the search in Opportunity is requiring me to scan the entire opportunity table and match it one by one as compared to a direct query.


 Bottom line, I am looking for an efficient way to search for a specific set of opportunites by contact.


 for example:


             GetMostRecentOpportunity( CompanyName, ProductName, OpportunityStatus.Open)  


Thanks in advance!