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Scheduled Tasks

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Scheduled Tasks



I want to running ACT scheduled task using ACT API and code. Can I do it? is any API to use ACT scheduled task .




Saket Dwivedi




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Re: Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks as in activities? Or are we talking about the scheduler?

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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Re: Scheduled Tasks

Sir I am talking about ACT scheduler and I want to uase tha functionality in our application for run particular utility at give time


Like I have window Scheduled tasks and use it to runn particular utiltiy at given time on every day. I have do same thing by ACT Scheduler .


how can do it by ACT scheduler ??



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Re: How can use ACT scheduler

The ACT! Scheduler can only run it's specific tasks.

If you want to run your own tasks, you'd need to use the Windows Scheduler to call them