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SQL and XML syntax for dashboard data

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SQL and XML syntax for dashboard data

I'm having real trouble creating new custom templates for dashboard elements. Generally I reduce things down until I can find what's breaking it, but recently I've reduced to ridiculously simple and it *still* won't function; for example:


    <string>Sales Manager Opportunities and History Items by Quarter</string>
                SELECT COUNT(H.HISTORYID) AS [History Items]
                FROM   dbo.HISTORY AS H 

gives me an empty grey box. I have a bunch of queries I've tested in a quick sample sql fiddle database I made none of which work. I have created several that do as well, but can't seem to find the relevant differences.

Is there something that will guide me through the peculiarities of the sql and xml syntax I need to use for this document, as it seems to be almost, but not quite MS SQL Server...