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SQL Server Linked Server for Sage 2012

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Re: SQL Server Linked Server for Sage 2012

Hmmm ok, Try allowing RPC in and out. The login that you use to get to Server2\sqlex is also a admin on server1\act7 yes?


We can take this offline if you would like. You can PM me your email addy.

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Re: SQL Server Linked Server for Sage 2012

Knowing that you may be making the discussion private due to the security/private info concerns, I'll ask on behalf of the community. If you get something up and going, could you please post an outline of the steps taken to get it working? If you don't get it working, how about posting some things you've found out, such as what problems you ran into and where/when they popped up? I think the community would really appreciate that information. Thank you and good luck on the setup!